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Sale on units on hand. Great unit that will burn corn or hardwood pellets. Easy to run.

Heat with Wood, Corn, or Pellets

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Wood's Edge sell stoves and boilers that produce heat with wood, corn or pellets.   When you work with Wood’s Edge, you’ll get great service and expert installation.  On top of that, our prices can't be beat!

We have Marth hardwood pellets on hand, ready for pickup. Buy here and save $$$. Multi-pallet discounts! Call Now - (320) 864-6435

Wood's Edge offers a variety of
Alternative Fuel Heating Systems.
We only sell product proven to be reliable and efficient.

We are able to get parts needed for many brands of boilers. Keep door gasket and boiler treatment on hand.

Bring over your indoor stove to have it cleaned and/or fixed on site.

Smoke, BBQ or grill with a wood pellet grill and flavored grill pellets!

MCC Concrete Imprinting can do your Imprinted & Decorative Concrete project. MCC Concrete

Call Wood's Edge Alternative Heating, LLC at (320) 864-6435 today!

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